Hollis technical diving equipment Bob Hollis founder and industry pioneer said: “We are intensely focused on providing diving solutions to fulfill our customer’s needs: owning the best technical diving products for their complex diving experiences.” Hollis is a brand of the Huish Outdoors, LLC what has their head office in Salt Lake City, Utah, United […]


Halcyon Dive Systems Halcyon Dive Systems is located in High Springs, a city in Alachua County, Florida, United States and offers a wide range of scuba diving products. Among their products are also some very nice light systems, corded primary lights and backup torches. halcyon.net


Finn Light FinnSub is a company in Brno in the Czech Republic (Europe) and manufacturer of underwater torches and canister lights for scuba diving. As of now, their website is in maintenance mode and no further information are available. finnsub.com

Exposure Lights

Exposure Marine Marine Lighting (Exposure Marine) is part of Ultimate Sports Engineering (USE) and was founded 1990 in the United Kingdom. Exposure Lights offers powerful, tough and functional dive light solutions, like Primary Lights, Secondary Lights, Video Lights and the Action series. Website: exposurelights.com

Dive Rite

Dive Rite Dive Rite was founded in 1984 and has been the one of the pioneering creators of technical Scuba diving equipment, especially in the production of canister lights. E.g. the EX35 boasts an impressive 4300 lumen output with a burn time of max. 6 hours or even about 24 hours with 1075 lumens. Website: […]


Cressi-Sub Scuba Diving Equipment Cressi still manufactures the most of it’s products in its head quarters building in Genova, Italy. Cressi is listed here on Scuba.Cam because of its torch “Frogman”, although I could not find any information about Frogman on their website. Cressi’s legacy of innovation began in 1939 with two brothers who shared […]


Aoi Limited AOI was founded 1994 and is located in Hong Kong. In 2014, AOI began to develop a series of Underwater Lenses and Lens Port Systems for underwater housings and market them under the AOI brand name. In the meantime AOI also has underwater housings for Olympus cameras, Lens Protection Cases, Fiber Optic Cables […]


CineBags – Camera Bags CineBags produces camera and equipment bags and is located in Glendale, California, USA. CineBags produce camera bags made of heavy duty tarpaulin fabric with saltwater resistant zippers, with an waterproof construction to carry your assembled underwater housing with strobes from the hotel, shuttle ride to the dive shop and your dive […]


Aqua Lung – Scuba equipment for water sports Aqua Lung International and Aqua Lung America are owner of the brands: Aqua Sphere, Deep Sea, Apeks, Whites, Omer, U.S. Divers, Aerial, MP Michael Phelps and Stohlquist. Aqualung has offices in 13 countries all over the world and produces almost everything you need for scuba diving except […]


10bar Underwater Housings and Photo Accessories 10Bar is a manufacturer of underwater camera housings and underwater photo accessories and is based in Hong Kong, China. 10bar produces housings for Canon, Panasonic, Olympus and Sony, LED lights, stays, sync cords and arms and some more accessories can accept orders for custom built items for your scuba […]