Smart Focus 6000

Weefine Smart Focus 6000 Smart Focus 6000. New dual focus of Weefine, you can use how to make video or flash to connect it to your camera using a fiber optic cable. Fully adjustable in intensity of use, both in video and in flash and in all its shades. New multicolored lighting system, there is […]

Wfl08s +6 Macro Lens

Weefine Wfl08s +6 Macro Lens Wfl08s +6 Macro Lens. Weefine WFL08S +6 Macro Lens (for DSLR with 60-105mm use) is a high quality macro lens designed specifically for underwater photographers and cameramen, optimized for 36mm x 24mm (135mm full frame) sensors. Thread of 67mm and final diameter of 61mm, this will allow us to. . […]

Dx-6g Basic Set

Sea And Sea Dx-6g Basic Set Dx-6g Basic Set Black / Yellow. The camera itself is depth-rated to 46 feet (for up to two hours), while the housing increases the depth rating to 180 feet – and removes the time limit underwater. The camera is built around a 16MP 1/2. 3 CMOS sensor and a […]

Flash Ys-01 Solis

Sea And Sea Flash Ys-01 Solis Flash Ys-01 Solis Black. The YS-01, the best-selling strobe in its class has been redesigned, boasting improved performance. The DS-TTL ll circuitry helps emit the correct amount of light automatically based upon light intensity from the camera´s onboard flash. The strobe allows you to. . . Sea And Sea […]

Flash Ys-03 Solis

Sea And Sea Flash Ys-03 Solis Flash Ys-03 Solis Black. Easy and Versatile Slave TTL. As the YS-03 SOLIS has been designed to mimic the light intensity of the camera´s built-in flash, it is not necessary to manually adjust output. The YS-03 SOLIS is compatible with any camera with a pre-flash and that has a […]

Flash Ys-d3

Sea And Sea Flash Ys-d3 Flash Ys-d3 Black. High Performance Strobe. Newly designed circuitry and light-emitting unit produces powerful guide number of 33. In addition, a high precision aspherical optical troidal lens has been fitted over the two flash tubes to disperse an even light from the center to the edge. The. . . Sea […]

Kit Flash Ys-03 Solis

Sea And Sea Kit Flash Ys-03 Solis Kit Flash Ys-03 Solis Black. A great value strobe package which includes everything you need to combine the YS-03 SOLIS with most compact camera/housing combo´s. Package includes,. YS-03 SOLIS Strobe. Flexble grip280X. Single TrayX. Fiber-Optic Cable II M/2 Connectors. Sea And Sea Cameras Cameras More info: Sea And […]

Ys-d2 Strobe Japan

Sea And Sea Ys-d2 Strobe Japan Ys-d2 Strobe Japan. Excellent night-time visibility. The illuminated control panel is ideal for night diving:- Color of illumination changes to indicate mode: aqua blue (in DS-TTL mode), blue (in slave TTL mode), orange (in manual pre-flash mode) and Green (in manual mode without. . . Sea And Sea Cameras […]

Galaxy Ii

Tovatec Galaxy Ii Galaxy Ii 3000 Lumens Black. The new Galaxy II video light will exceed all your expectations! The video dive light provides photographers and videographers a 3000 lumen, 115° beam angle light. The spot feature is perfect for recreational diving with 800 lumens, and 25° beam angle. Don´t disturb sea. . . Tovatec […]

Housing For Panasonic Lumix Gh5

Sea Frogs Housing For Panasonic Lumix Gh5 Housing For Panasonic Lumix Gh5 Black. Seafrogs 40m/130ft Underwater Camera Housing for Panasonic Lumix GH5/GH5S. Compatible lenses in Dry dome port WA005-E – Panasonic Lumix G Vario 7-14mm F4 ASPH (Autofocus only, Manual zoom not available) – Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm F2. 8-4. 0. . . Sea […]