Smart Focus 4000

Weefine Smart Focus 4000 Smart Focus 4000. The evolution of underwater lighting has arrived, weefine´s new dual focus, can be used as a video beam or how to flash to connect with your camera through a fiber optic cable. Smart Focus 4000 offers 4000 lumens in video mode with 11 power levels in white and […]

Wf068 Smart Focus 1000

Weefine Wf068 Smart Focus 1000 Wf068 Smart Focus 1000. Dual focus (beam of video and flash) of small dimensions with 1000 lumens of power, 100° opening in the water and red light. In such a small focus we have managed to incorporate continuous video light, flash option and red light, with these options any diver […]

Cupula Ys-d3

Sea And Sea Cupula Ys-d3 Cupula Ys-d3. Increases beam angle to 150° – 170° . Essential accessory when fisheye lens is used, or soft light is required. + Guide number will drop to -1. 5EV when it is fitted. Sea And Sea Torches Torches More info: Sea And Sea Cupula Ys-d3 Brand: Seasea

Snoot Ys-d3

Sea And Sea Snoot Ys-d3 Snoot Ys-d3. A strobe adaptor which narrows the beam angle to be directed at a target point. Diameter of the opening 25mm. Designed with internal prism which aligns target light`s light axis and strobe`s light axis to the center. Sea And Sea Torches Torches More info: Sea And Sea Snoot […]

Fusion 1500

Tovatec Fusion 1500 Fusion 1500 1000 Lumens Black. The Fusion 1500 provides an amazing amount of light for any dive whether you are diving on a wreck, in a cave or just drifting along a reef. Put the light in video mode by simply attaching your light to one of our camera tray arms, then […]

Fusion 400

Tovatec Fusion 400 Fusion 400. Adjustable light beam perfect for every use, concentrated from 12° , to 140° video light (without head), USB charging, charger and battery included. More economical focus of the Tovatec Fusion line than with a very low price and thanks to its Led XP-G2 provides 400 lumens for 100. . . […]

Ifl 660 Torch

Tovatec Ifl 660 Torch Ifl 660 Torch. IFL 660 Torch features a concentrated beam for maximum carrying distance. The ergonomic design is constructed from anodized aluminum for rugged durability. Waterproof to 400 feet, this is a light you can take anywhere. (Important: to maintain waterproof seal, be sure to clean and. . . Tovatec Torches […]


Tovatec T3500s T3500s 3500 Lumens Black. With its high lumen output and small size, this powerful, compact light will be your first choice for all your dives! The end cap charging unit is a convenient way to charge your battery without removing it from the light. Key Features:- 3500 Lumen output. 13 degree wide angle. […]

Ring Light Sl108

Sea Frogs Ring Light Sl108 Ring Light Sl108 3000 Lumens Black. The SeaFrogs SL-108 is a Multifunctional waterproof Macro Ring photography light with M67mm mounting, Feature:Brightness:strong light:1200LM. low light:300LM. SOS:450LM. flash:3000LM. Battery type:lithium battery 3. 7V/1800mAh. Waterproof depth:40M/130ft. LED. . . Sea Frogs Torches Torches More info: Sea Frogs Ring Light Sl108 3000 Lumens Black […]

Seafrogs Sl-109 Ring Light For Action Camera

Sea Frogs Seafrogs Sl-109 Ring Light For Action Camera Seafrogs Sl-109 Ring Light For Action Camera Black. Sea Frogs SL-109 can light up an wonderful underwater world for you. It has 3 brightness modes to satisfy different lighting needs. Sent with a yellow filter and a handle. Features:LED fill light for action camera, inner diameter. […]