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Divevolk Smartphone HousingDivevolk

Divevolk™ is committed to providing customers with brand new underwater experience, come up with an ingenious wearable intelligent diving assistant system. The system is based on the powerful Smartphone hardware platform, combined with self-developed software app, bringing a brand new experience to divers.
Divevolk is located in Zhuhai City, China.
The “SeaTouch 3” underwater housing for smartphones has no buttons, but a touchscreen and is waterproof down to 80 meters. It has 3 sealrings instead of standard O-Rings and the housing remains the wireless charging of you smartphone (if ever it has this feature).

DIVEVOLK® Diving Assistant, consisting of the world’s first full touchscreen iPhone underwater housing, diving earphone and wireless controlled synchronous strobe, has the most compact design and allows you to use all phone functions underwater at a depth up to 50 meters / 164 feet, just like you do on land.
It establishes an open platform for the upcoming diving apps, and can be used as control terminal for other diving equipment, to bring divers safety, entertainment, convenience and more.

SeaTouch 3 Pro for iPhone 11 / HuaWei / Samsung
SeaTouch 3 Pro Smartphone Underwater Housing

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