X-Adventurer Underwater Photo & Video Light X-Adventurer was founded 2010 and is located in China. X-Adventurer produces Photo & Video Lights, Canister & Backup Lights, Arm Systems, Wet lenses and some Accessories like Red Light Filter, Ball Mounts, Charger & Batteries and some more… The Video Light X-Adventurer M6000-WRBT II comes with a Flash Strobe […]


Nanight Dive Lights Nanight is a company in Gothenburg, Sweden, Europe and manufacturer of scuba diving lights (compact and canister lights). The torches have interchangeable lenses and multiple mounts for different uses: A 10° lens for the use as spotlight, a 35°-55° lens as a floodlight in clear water and 100°-120° (without lens) for the […]


OrcaTorch OrcaTorch was founded 2014 by Carson Weng and is located in Shenzhen, China. OrcaTorch has some dive lights and canister lights from 1000 lumen up to unbelievable 10500 lumen (→ Video light D950V) max output. orcatorch.com


Mares dive equipment Ludovico Mares designed and manufactured his first masks and spearguns in 1949 and founded his factory in Rapallo, Italy. Although Mares does not have any underwater cameras, Mares has some recommended Canister Lights (the DCT, DCTV and DCTS) and a compact, powerful torch as your back up light. The catalan name Marès […]


Hollis technical diving equipment Bob Hollis founder and industry pioneer said: “We are intensely focused on providing diving solutions to fulfill our customer’s needs: owning the best technical diving products for their complex diving experiences.” Hollis is a brand of the Huish Outdoors, LLC what has their head office in Salt Lake City, Utah, United […]


Halcyon Dive Systems Halcyon Dive Systems is located in High Springs, a city in Alachua County, Florida, United States and offers a wide range of scuba diving products. Among their products are also some very nice light systems, corded primary lights and backup torches. halcyon.net


Finn Light FinnSub is a company in Brno in the Czech Republic (Europe) and manufacturer of underwater torches and canister lights for scuba diving. As of now, their website is in maintenance mode and no further information are available. finnsub.com

Dive Rite

Dive Rite Dive Rite was founded in 1984 and has been the one of the pioneering creators of technical Scuba diving equipment, especially in the production of canister lights. E.g. the EX35 boasts an impressive 4300 lumen output with a burn time of max. 6 hours or even about 24 hours with 1075 lumens. Website: […]