Battery Charger

Finn Light Battery Charger Battery Charger. FINN LIGHT Battery Charger with protection against overcharging with dual-colour control LED. Finn Light Batteries and chargers Batteries and chargers More info: Finn Light Battery Charger Brand: Finnsub

2000 Long

Finn Light 2000 Long 2000 Long. With the beam angle 5° high luminous intensity in the spot and wide bounded halo, this is the best choice for divers demanding the optimized light beam. Bright spot illuminates the object while halo gives the light for surroundings, it shines through the murky water and it is. . […]

Bang Spot

Finn Light Bang Spot Bang Spot. The Finnsub Bang Spot Dive Torch is designed for more advanced divers who dive in murky waters where there is a need to penetrate the sediment and at the same time enable signalling that is more readable when done with a narrow light beam. The Bang torch is a […]

Bang Wide

Finn Light Bang Wide Bang Wide. The Finnsub Bang Wide Dive Torch is designed for recreational and sport divers who dive especially in clean water and sea and want intense enlightenment of the largest possible area. The Bang torch is a rechargeable dive light developing up to 1100 lumen in a wider 10° beam from. […]


Finn Light FinnSub is a company in Brno in the Czech Republic (Europe) and manufacturer of underwater torches and canister lights for scuba diving. As of now, their website is in maintenance mode and no further information are available.