Universal Smart Phone Housing

Kraken Universal Smart Phone Housing This smartphone housing has an adjustable system, with which it is possible to use many of the popular smartphones into it, just depending of the maximum size. All what you have to know, is the size of your phone, what you can find in your phones manual, or on the […]

Smartphone Underwater Housing

SeaTouch Pro underwater housing for smartphones and iPhone – special offer and currently free shipping worldwide! Best deal for all scuba divers – waterproof down to 80 meters!


The SeaTouch underwater housing for smartphones has an touchscreen that allows you to use all phone functions underwater at a depth up to 50 meters/164ft! And there is also a wireless controlled synchronous strobe…


Weefine focuses on diving equipment and is located in Shenzhen, China. Weefine produces the Divergo Camera (down to 80 meters, 267ft), the Smart Housing, an universal smart phone housing…


Kraken Sports is a manufacturer in Canada and produces a very good quality Universal Smart Phone Housing with a maximum depth rating of 80 meters.


Meikon is a manufacturer of underwater housings and located in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Meikon has housings for…