Optical Fiber Cable For Olympus Series Pt-05

Weefine Optical Fiber Cable For Olympus Series Pt-05 Optical Fiber Cable For Olympus Series Pt-05 Black. Fiber optic cable for Weefine WF TG6 housing and compatible with Olympus PT-058 housing. Perfect to connect your Olympus PT-05 series housing to your flash with Sea & Sea Type connector. Weefine Accessories and Parts Accessories and Parts More […]

Remote Control

Weefine Remote Control Remote Control. Adjust the intensity of your Weefine Solar Flare and Smart Focus bulbs with just one finger and in a moment thanks to the new Remote Control created and manufactured by Weefine. Up to 10 intensity positions with just a finger movement and the innovative instant. . . Weefine Accessories and […]

Snoot M52 20

Weefine Snoot M52 20 Snoot M52 20. 52mm threaded Weefine light concentrator that reduces the light beam of the Smart Focus 4000 and 6000 from 100° to 20° . Great product for Macro or Snoot photography. Compatible with all spotlights in the sector that have 52mm female thread. Features:- Weight: 117 g. -. . . […]

Super Macro Lenses Wfl05s

Weefine Super Macro Lenses Wfl05s Super Macro Lenses Wfl05s 13. Weefine macro lens WFL05S +13 diopters with M67 thread. High magnification power of macro images, wet lens, compatible with all waterproof boxes with M67 front. Perfect lens for close-up pictures of fish, corals, textures and much more. Created and designed for. . . Weefine Accessories […]

Super Wide Angle Wfl01

Weefine Super Wide Angle Wfl01 Super Wide Angle Wfl01 Black. Weefine Wide Angle Lens model WFL01, 0. 53x magnification, for camera with 24mm lens, can be put on and taken out underwater, compatible with boxes with M67 thread. Characteristics:Construction in 5 groups of 6 elements. Magnification of 0. 53x. Turn your. . . Weefine Accessories […]

Wfl07 Cell

Weefine Wfl07 Cell Wfl07 Cell Black. Small but very powerful, the new Mini Dome WFL07 from Weefine is created to be used with our latest generation Smartphones, with 52mm thread and 0. 57X magnification, a novel product in the sector where until now the lenses were manufactured based only on the. . . Weefine Accessories […]

Wide Angle In 52mm Wfl02 For 24mm

Weefine Wide Angle In 52mm Wfl02 For 24mm Wide Angle In 52mm Wfl02 For 24mm. WFL-02 is an upgraded version of the popular Weefine WFL-04 fisheye lens. The high-quality WFL-02 ultra wide-angle interchangeable lens is designed to be used with cameras with lenses as wide as 24mm (35mm equivalent) without noticeable. . . Weefine Accessories […]

Wide Angle M52 28 Mm Wfl04

Weefine Wide Angle M52 28 Mm Wfl04 Wide Angle M52 28 Mm Wfl04 Black. New Wide Angle Weefine WFL04, is a wet lens with an impressive field of view of 125° and a remarkably short focus distance. WFL04 connects to the thread of the housing lens port and can be installed and removed during immersion. […]

Battery For Solar Flare

Weefine Battery For Solar Flare Battery For Solar Flare. Weefine battery created for use with the Solar Flare 2800, 3800 and 5000. Composed of four-cell 18650 Li-Ion battery and 3400mAh each. Voltage of 14. 8V and a total of 50. 3Whr. Weefine Batteries and chargers Batteries and chargers More info: Weefine Battery For Solar Flare […]

Smart Focus 6000

Weefine Smart Focus 6000 Smart Focus 6000. New dual focus of Weefine, you can use how to make video or flash to connect it to your camera using a fiber optic cable. Fully adjustable in intensity of use, both in video and in flash and in all its shades. New multicolored lighting system, there is […]