Camera Housings : Universal Smart Phone Housing

Universal Smart Phone HousingKraken Universal Smart Phone Housing

This smartphone housing has an adjustable system, with which it is possible to use many of the popular smartphones into it, just depending of the maximum size. All what you have to know, is the size of your phone, what you can find in your phones manual, or on the website of the manufacturer (or of the shop) looking at the specifications of your phone. Your phone must not exceed 158 mm in height, 83 mm in width and 9 mm in thickness to fit in the housing.
Universal Smart Phone Housing BackThe housing is waterproof down to 80 meters (262 feet).

This universal housing has a built in vacuum port system1, that means you don’t have to worry about leaking during your dive. Just give a couple pulls on the vacuum pump what is included and the housing will let you know, that it has a vacuum and is now safe for diving.
There are some add-ons available, like a wide-angle-lense, a macro-lense and of course a lense holder.
Underwater Wide Angle LensThe manufacturer of this housing is Kraken Sports and they sell this housing and accessories on their website → Universal Smartphone Underwater Housing.

This universal Smart Phone Housing is also sold on Amazon: Kraken Housings

A vacuum port system is the most useful accessory (add-on, feature) for every underwater housing, whether it is for your camera, phone or camcorder. A vacuum port system makes sure, that your housings is properly sealed and not leaking, when you go diving.

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